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By Matt Franks

When you think about decorating your home, hampers is likely an afterthought. Stylish hampers can complete the look of a bathroom or bedroom and should be chosen carefully. You might just find a beautiful laundry hamper and decide to decorate a room around it.

Pretty hampers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and materials. You can purchase clothes hampers in wicker or covered in cloth. There are very durable laundry hampers made of plastic or resin that look very stylish as well. Stylish hampers can brighten up a room when strategically placed, not to mention the fact that clothes hampers help to keep an area tidy.

Bathroom laundry hampers should be of a more sturdy material that wont break down from moisture. Plastic or resin might be the best choice for these areas. Some wicker materials are coated to withstand moisture as well. Be sure the check the inside of the clothes hampers you might buy for a bathroom, too, because you are going to be putting damp towels in them, which can cause mildew if the material of the hamper soaks up the moisture. Even stylish hampers for a bathroom should be well made and ventilated to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

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Kids bedrooms can be kept tidy with stylish hampers. There are laundry hampers made for boys rooms and girls rooms. Some have colors and designs that compliment the design of the kids rooms. There are clothes hampers for girls rooms that are in the shape of a princess castle and for boys rooms shaped like a rocket ship. There are even hampers that hang below a basketball hoop to be hung on the closet door. These make tossing dirty clothes into them fun for kids.

Stylish hampers for adults bedrooms are a nice addition to the rooms dcor. Some bedding sets have matching clothes hampers that you can purchase separately. If there isnt a matching laundry hamper for your bedroom set, take a pillow cover to the store with you to search for pretty hampers that will be a good match. Try finding a solid color that matches an accent or trim color in the bedroom. This will help to bring out that color when you set the clothes hamper near it.

Some people just buy plain clothes hampers and cover them with material to match the room they will be in. This can be easily done with a padded material, or a thin padding to place under the material, and a glue gun and staple gun. Simply wrap the padding and material around the laundry hamper and glue at the top and bottom edges as well as at the seam and then use the staple gun to tack the seams down in inconspicuous places to secure them.

Laundry hampers dont have to be expensive to be pretty, although some can be a little pricey. The price you are willing to pay for a pretty clothes hamper will probably depend on how visible it will be in the room. Are you using it to accent a room or will you be hiding it in a closet. You will probably pay more for stylish hampers that will be part of the rooms dcor, but it will be worth the price.

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By Patricia Holland

ADA compliance is the most important consideration in hotel design.

Persons from all walks of life will be visiting the hotel. Many of these people will be physically challenged in a variety of ways. Providing them with convenient access to facilities is both a legal requirement and the ethical thing to do.

Bradley commercial bathroom lavatory systems can be purchased that are manufactured as ADA and TAS compliant units. Concave and lower frequency lavatories can be configured with barrier-free clearances, reaches, and controls. There are a number of models, ranging from the basic to the very high end that will accommodate any type of hotel restroom design.

In matters of public service, a hotel restroom design must also focus on appealing to guests.

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Guests never want to use commercial bathroom lavatory systems that appear dirty in any way. Superior materials must be used in the manufacture of these systems in order for them to accommodate the high expectations of clients.

Most of the newer fixtures are now being made from Terreon. Terreon is a highly attractive, highly vandal-resistant substance. On an aesthetic level, it shares some of the same qualities of high-grade polished stone. However, it is not stone. It is a high-grade solid surface material that can be ordered in any number of colors.

The basics commercial bathroom lavatory systems in hotel restroom design that we are all accustomed to include white, gray, and graphite, are still very popular. More luxury accommodations have more exotic color options to choose from, however. Peppered white, moonstone, lannonstone, and blue sky are just a few of these choices.

Terreon is also very durable. It is characterized by superior vandal resistance and is can be counted on to last for many years. Countertop and bowl designs are shaped to trap soap and water within the lavatory while it is being cleaned. This keeps water off the floor and keeps the restroom safer and cleaner as a result.

Terreon commercial bathroom lavatory systems are also nonporous. This makes them the most sanitary choice for hotel restroom design. Bacteria have a very difficult time growing on a surface that does not absorb water. This reduces the risk of pathogens spreading from one persons hands to another. There is also the issue of staining. People with very dirty hands can often stain sinks that are made from porous surface materials. This will not happen with Terreon sinks because liquid cannot penetrate the surface.

Water conservation is another major concern in hotel restroom design. With or without a conscious intention to pursue a LEED certification, a building must be proactive in the management of expenditures. Water resources are coming under increased scrutiny, and it is good for both a budget and for public relations to be as conservative in their use as possible.

Commercial bathroom lavatory systems can be ordered with infrared, no-touch faucets. These controls are another vandal resistant measure because they automatically shut the unit off after 30-45 seconds of flow. Most systems also regulate water flow to .5 GMP to meet guidelines of the Department of Energy Conservation.

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PR And Depression: Can the Stress of Working in Public Relations Cause Depression?


Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR

The Dark Side of the Profession

Though it is dipped in glamour, it wouldn t be wrong to say that a job in Public Relations comes with a dark flip side of a lot of stress. And it doesn t take long for the excessive stress to take its toll on a publicists mind and body. Stress is the number-one reason why publicists and other PR professionals start suffering physical and mental ailments. Common among these is depression. There is virtually no way for a publicist to avoid stress as it is part and parcel of the job. Projects move fast, and publicists must move faster. Clients somersault and publicists have to be there to pull the rip cord or scoot the crash mat underneath them. A true publicist has office hours, but they don t have regular working hours. They have to respond whenever a client calls them up and that too at a moment s notice. An email that goes unanswered for 8 hours could mean the snowball of a terrible article, or a client that loses it because something was now now now. Publicists are trained that if a media contact responds to you, drop all! Drop that dinner, drop that child, drop your peace of mind and capture that lead. Because media leads are what it s all about and a media contact will email the next source if you don t answer within a short period of time.

Stress Can Be Fatal

Most of the time PR professionals spend working is either talking on the phone or using a computer. Thus, it appears as though the physical stress is minimal. However, having to work long hours day after day requires them to be in perfect health otherwise they won t be able to cope with it. Unfortunately, only a few of them actually pay attention to their personal life and take regular breaks from work. Those trying to establish themselves in the industry are willing to work 24/7, which can ultimately prove to be their undoing. Publicists that are already on top know that in order to stay on top they must compete at a high level. For such a fun profession there is no doubt that it is hard work from start to finish.

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Often one reads about a publicist suffering a heart attack or a stroke at the peak of their career and at a young age of say 40 or 45. The glamour and money will keep attracting people to jobs in Public Relations. But you can only enjoy the perks of the job if you truly know how to deal with the stress. Put it in a bubble and blow it away at the end of the day!

How to Beat Stress and Avoid Depression

Since avoiding stress is not a possibility when you are working in PR. Yet, there are some ways you can ward off stress. Let s look at a few of them.

Once you leave your office, it should mean the end of your work day. You shouldn t check your email or calls constantly to see if any client wants to get in touch with you or wants you to do something. This can be hard to go, what with on-the-go connectivity but you have to unplug if you want to de-stress. Instead set a time in the evening say 9:00pm and allow yourself one peek at the email, and give yourself a time limit of 15-20 minutes. If something is pressing reply to it in that time limit and then leave it until tomorrow. This way you don t miss out on pertinent leads and can seem available in case of crisis. If the crisis needs an immediate phone call respond and say you are unavailable but can take this up first thing in the morning in office.

Stop giving in to every whim and fancy your clients mention. Publicists have this strange habit of agreeing to all their clients demands, particularly if the client is an important one. Over time, the client starts feeling as though you are his/her pet poodle and will be there to do tricks for him/her whenever you are called. Clients will expect what you give at all times. Replying to them at off hours, and giving in to every idea that they think is amazing just to coddle them will set you up for future failure. They will constantly expect what you allow, including working extra hours to keep them satisfied. Manage their expectations.

Regular pampering is very important. Whether you are a guy or gal in PR , regular pampering and be a stress buster and a great way to alleviate stress. Hop on Groupon and find a deal for a 30 minute massage or a manicure and pedicure and use it. Weekly massages will get your blood flowing. After a particularly stressful day try lighting a lavender candle and escaping in a bubble bath or an extra-long warm shower. Also don t forget to stock up on a full 8 hours of sleep each day. Your mind will be ready to go and you will work smarter and not harder in office.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to get away from work. Take a short break or go on a vacation from time to time. I know, this is simply unheard of in the PR industry. Im not talking about a working vacation either where you hop a flight to Miami and then decide to have lunch with a client, editor or contact while you are in there. Since you are going to make good enough money to afford a vacation, why not exercise that option? It doesn t have to be a long break, as long as you stay away from work for a few days. 3-4 days by the ocean is enough time to distress. You will come back refreshed and recharged, ready to meet the demands of your job. A clear and relaxed mind is one that can solve any PR problem.

The answer is yes. The stress of working in Public Relations can cause depression. It will never be a career where you have the luxury of implementing The Four Hour Workweek. However you can effectively manage the stress build up and the way you, as a communication expert, communicate with your clients and contacts.

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Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR is a full service PR Firm with offices in NYC, L.A. and Miami. Our experienced publicists specialize in Celebrity & Entertainment PR, Sports PR, Fashion PR, Event PR, Consumer Product PR and Expert Branding PR Services. We have truly developed a name within the Public Relations and SEO industries for perfection, professionalism and excellence in helping to grow names, brands and businesses around the country as well as on an international level.

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Hiring A Branding Company 101

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By Scott White

If your company has a good product and a hungry market for that product, youre closer to success than 90% of the rest. But to take that final step, some of the most successful companies in the world have hired a Branding Company to craft their companys brand image into the sales and loyalty-generating machine it needs to be.

How have these successful companiestake your pick from the Fortune 500found these branding companies? Theres no one-stop resource or fail-safe formula. Fact is, finding one worth its salt is exceedingly difficult. But if youre going to take your brand to the next level, theres no way around ityou need one. So, here are some things to remember when youre out there on the hunt:

1. Know your needs and have an idea about how youd like them met. This will give you the self-knowledge you need to better gauge the work of the branding agencies you’ll encounter to determine if they really can deliver what you need.

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2. Go ahead, be a fan. If you admire the branding efforts of a certain company, call around and find out who did the work.

3. Go with a referral, not a blind hire. Canvass your contacts. This is always better than hiring someone with no frame of common reference. If they left a favorable impression on one person, chances are its a trend, not an exception.

4. Throw a few companies a bone & see what they do with it. Give them a general question or problem scenario. See how responsive they are and how much time it appears they put into crafting their response. This isn’t the same as asking for free or speculative work, which is bad form. Dont do that. Rather, this should give you a preview to how they think and their work ethicand whether they would really value your business and do a good job for you.

5. Money isn’t taboo. Once youve found a company youd like to work with, discuss it from the outset. Its better to agree on financial terms from the start than for either of you to be in a precarious position somewhere down the line. This may start with a simple question, like: Whats your budget? or What would you typically charge for this kind of work? If they ask you, give a number if you one in mind, but dont pull it out of nowhere. Be sure youve educated yourself on the costs involved with the kind of work you need, and dont expect them to give you a discount just because you have kind eyes. If you ask them, try to be specific. Ask how much it cost to produce a specific project in their portfolio.

About the Author: Scott White is President of Brand Identity Guru

a leading brand consulting and branding research firm located in Boston, Massachusetts. Brand Identity Guru specializes in creating corporate and product brands that increase sales, market share, customer loyalty, and brand valuation.


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