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Kids Are My Business Shirt

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By Maggie Johnson

Whether you are a pediatrician, pediatric nurse, child care provider, teacher, or in any occupation with deals with children then kids are my business shirts are the choice for you. They dont have to be just t-shirts they can be denim, button ups, or polo shirts. Children are drawn to shirts that are colorful and fun to look at. Many professions that deal with children would prefer clothing that matches what they do. These shirts can fit any type of setting involving children and can also be used as advertising for your business.

Block letters, italic letters, or even italic letters in blocks can be choices when choosing these shirts. Announce to one and all that you make children your priority and they will want to know how you work with children. Place your company name, address, phone number and website on the back or front of your shirt and people will notice. You can design your shirts with logos, art, or design something simple. You specialize in children so make your shirts special. Denim shirts can be long sleeved, short sleeved, or sleeveless for all seasons. Button-ups can look more professional but arent always best when dealing with small children, polo shirts can be casual professional, and t-shirts can be worn in most places.

Colors are important when making your choices. Primary colors are best since children tend to notice these colors or pastels can also work since they are softer on the eyes. Children are whimsical and imaginative. You can incorporate this into your shirt designs also. Include pictures of animals, child-like drawings, or items such as handprints, band-aids, apples or other professional icons on your shirts. You dont have to use just black and white anymore, and remember white shirts show stains more and children are messy. Draw peoples eyes, get their attention, and make someone smile. They will remember your shirts.

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Your are taking care of our futures whether you are medically caring for our children, educating their minds, or caring for them while their parents are at work, express the pride and joy you feel at being a part of the future. Kids are my business shirts help you express how you feel and can make others feel better too. This expression of what you do can will generate business since these shirts can be worn anywhere and anytime.

Not only parents but grandparents are raising children nowadays and they need care givers, pediatricians, and other services for their children or grandchildren, why not advertise with a kids are my business shirt. Some parents are always on the lookout for child care, pediatricians, teachers or other people who can help their children, let them know you are available. Announce to the world that kids are my business. Order colorful, whimsical, attractive shirts that show who you are and what you do. Then when they come to you ask them how they found out about your business. You might be surprised when they say they saw your shirts.

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How To Sharpen Your Tactical Knife

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By Dean Gammell

There are various ways of sharpening a knife but it is always wise to remember that handling knives can be inherently dangerous. When sharpening knives, it is wise to maintain safety. Keep fingers, toes and all body parts from the knife’s sharp blade. When using knives, pay attention and stay safe. With the numerous functional knife sharpeners available, knife sharpening can be a simple procedure. Ensure that common mistakes like failure to establish new edges, uncontrolled bevel angle and making the bevel rough are prevented.

Firstly, pick the right angle for sharpening the knife. In case one already knows the angle that the knife was sharpened at, then sharpen using that angle. If the angle used previously is unknown, consider asking the manufacturer or alternatively make inquiries from knowledgeable knife shops. Choose angles of 100 to 300 per each side. Shallow angles result in sharper edges than last for just a short while. Steep angles like 200are the best choice as they last longer. Always select angles matching the knife’s use. When selecting a sharpening system, ensure it offers a mechanism for edge guide supporting at least different angles.

To control the angle for the knife’s edges, it is wise to use a guide for angles or else the user will be required to control angles using hands. This is hard as it will require a well-rounded angles perception. For symmetrical edges, sharpen a knife by moving it over a lubricated sharpening stone in an opposite direction. This gives room for the formation of a purr on the stone prolonging its life. Go on sharpening using the same angle until the grind reaches halfway through the knife but the grinding must not be precise, estimation can be made; scandi grinding and chisel grinding is best for one-sided edges.

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Then turn over the knife to file the other edge of the knife until a new sharp edge is created. The simplest way of determining enough metal has been removed is by sharpening until a burr is raised. Burr is a feature naturally formed by steel when a single bevel is sharpened until another bevel is met. It may be very small to see but it can be felt by the hands when it scrapes the thumb. Do this by stroking away the knife’s dull side towards the sharp side using the edges. Fine sharpening stones generate smaller purrs.

If enough metal is not removed in order to create new sharp edges, some dull edge will be left in place. Dull edges or blades with nicks reflect light from the blade’s edge. A knife with a sharp edge does not display bright spots when held under bright light. One may be required to get rid of enough metal from bevel sides in order for the edge to stop reflecting light. Turn the knife again and sharpen the blunt side in the same fashion as previously stated. Always remove the emerging burr through making a cut into a fine stone known as a hone.

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Ganem Jewelers offers beautiful jewelry and timepieces to the Ahwatukee area


Ganem Jewelers

Are you looking for Ahwatukee jewelers who can provide that special something to complete an outfit or give as a gift? If so, then stop by Ganem Jewelers, the authorized retailer for a variety of timepiece and jewelry lines.

Jewelry is a very special category for people because of the place it holds in our hearts. In fact, for many people, few choices of accessories are more important because they plan to wear it every single day for the rest of their lives. On a statement as big as that, it\’s important to get it right… And there\’s no problem at all with looking around until you find the perfect match. In fact, that\’s one of the biggest reasons why Ganem Jewelers has worked to partner with so many different collections. From the gorgeously decorated and styled Lady Heart Collection to the bold shapes and designs of NightRider, Ganem Jewelers has worked to provide as many different styles as possible. If you don\’t see what you\’re looking for on the shelves, though, don\’t give up hope just yet; stock changes regularly, and not all items from all lines are always in the store. Our jewelers can help you search through the catalogs to find things that may not be on the shelves and get your jewelry shipped right to the store.

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In addition to the important choices in rings, Ganem\’s jewelry stores in Ahwatukee also stock a variety of other accessories for use on a more irregular basis. Some of these items are designed to highlight or compliment other outfits, whether it\’s a shine around the neck or earrings with just the right size and shine to complete a look. Other elements of the lines are designed to be the highlight of any outfit, drawing attention to themselves and encouraging the rest of the outfit to be designed around it. If you don\’t know where to start in making your newest party dress, a bold centerpiece item from Ganem Jewelers can help you focus your plans into something much more concrete.

Jewelry is our greatest passion, but not the only thing we sell. Alongside our rings and necklaces are a variety of timepieces for both men and women. As an authorized retailer for a diverse selection of brands, Ganem Jewelers is proud to offer Ahwatukee a wide selection of the finest items available. From the most complex and elaborate timepieces to ones that focus on a simpler sort of beauty, there\’s something for everyone at Ganem Jewelers.

For more information on which products are available in-store, feel free to call Ganem Jewelers directly and talk to a professional about what items are available. If you don\’t have anything specific in mind just yet, our jewelers can help you figure out what you\’re looking for and show you a variety of jewels or timepieces that might trigger your desires. If you want to buy jewelry, we know how important it is to get the right pieces, and we\’ll do everything we can to help you find them.

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By Andrew Stratton

Dazzling and unique – that is the best way to describe the mystic fire topaz gemstone. You’ve heard of a topaz, commonly in blues, yellows and whites, but have you ever heard of a mystic fire topaz?


Referred to as a “designer gemstone,” the mystic fire topaz is dazzling. They were first created in 1998 by a company called Azotic Coating Technology, Inc. This company created a new variety of topaz by placing a thin layer of titanium along the bottom of a natural white topaz, creating a prism of colors as light passes through the stone. By 2003, mystic fire topaz earrings and other pieces were flying out of the cases.

The topaz has a long history. It is believed that topaz was used as a part of the gates of Jerusalem. The Romans so revered the topaz that they dedicated it to Jupiter, the god above all gods in Roman mythology. Like so many other gemstones, the topaz is steeped in lore and mysticism. One of the beliefs is that by wearing a topaz, you are protected from sudden death. It is also believed to improve mood and maybe even fertility. Whether you believe in the mystical properties of the topaz, it can’t hurt to wear a mystical fire topaz pendant.

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If natural topaz could elicit this type of adoration and belief, imagine what the ancients would have thought of the vibrant rays of color emitted from the mystic fire topaz. Who knows what mystical properties they would have applied to this variation?

November Birthstone

Though it is called a designer gemstone, the mystic fire topaz is still a natural topaz. Its chemical make-up has not been changed and as such, it is considered a birthstone for November. Everyone is familiar with the yellow and blue topaz varieties, but surprise them with a sparkling multi-colored mystic fire topaz bracelet or, add more sparkle with a mystic fire topaz diamond ring. Though the mystic fire topaz sparkles on its own, diamonds are a great way to dress up any gemstone.

Caring for your mystical fire topaz

Because of the layer of titanium that is used to create the color effects of a mystical fire topaz, you should use care when cleaning your jewelry. Though it is an 8 on the hardness scale, chemicals and abrasive cleaning can damage the finish on the stone. So, gently polishing it and a soak in warm water and soap is the best method.

The slightest scratch to the bottom of the stone where the titanium is can damage the color of your mystic fire topaz earrings. Heat can also damage the titanium layer so avoid steamers and hot water when cleaning your mystic fire topaz diamond ring. Sure the diamond can take it, but you don’t want to ruin the prism of color that the mystic fire topaz is known for.

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or just appreciate a beautiful and unique style of jewelry, the mystic fire topaz is the way to go. In silver or gold, it makes a bold statement. Mystic fire topaz and diamond bracelets sparkle with fire, but diamonds aren’t necessary. A mystic fire topaz bracelet on its own is dazzling.

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