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By Larry Donaldson

Depending upon the type of student you were, your college experience was either filled with stress, studying and the excitement of reaching new learning vistas – or it was filled with beer, parties, and hanging out with lots of members of the opposite sex.

Either way, it is a fact that you – like all college students – had to come up with a way to pay for the whole experience. Whether you attended a less expensive state school as an in-state resident or whether you went to a fancy-schmancy private university, your student loans likely run into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The reality of having to repay all of those loans hits most grads at one of the worst-possible times: just a few months after graduation. Just when you are faced with the need to find a job, get an apartment, and generally get your post-college life on track, you get hit with your first student loan bill.

Things can even be worse if you have multiple loans, given that you are having to manage multiple payments at once.

However, for those with multiple loans, there is a bright side: you are likely to be eligible for private student loan consolidation.

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Who Qualifies For Private Student Loan Consolidation?

If you have more than one student loan through a private lender (i.e., not the federal government but rather through a private bank), you are eligible to consolidate your student loans through a private consolidation lender.

You should consider consolidating if you are less than half-way through your repayment period, if you want to reduce your monthly payments, and/or if you believe your credit score has improved since your initial loans were received.

How Your Consolidation Loan Interest Rate Is Determined?

For private loans, your consolidation loan interest rate is determined by a combination of the going prime rate – or other major right like the LIBOR – and your credit score. Of course, your private lender will have some discretion as to your new interest rate, which is precisely why it pays to shop your rate around with multiple lenders.

3 Steps To Finding The Best Bank For Student Loan Consolidation

Here are 3 steps to finding the best bank for private student loan consolidation:

1. Start with a list of at least 3-5 banks: Do your research online to get together a list of at least 3 to 5 banks who specialize in private student loan consolidation. Remember, it is very unlikely that your first offer will be your best, so by researching multiple banks you will have a much better chance of potentially saving thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your loan.

2. Visit their websites: These days, there is nothing like the Internet in terms of conducting efficient, fast and comprehensive research. Start with each company’s website. If you like one or more sites and have the time, order an information packet through the mail.

3. Apply to at least 3 of them: Once you have found at least 3 lenders you like based upon your research, apply to all of them. When the offers start rolling in, be sure to wait for all of the offers before making a decision.

Follow these tips in order to find the best bank for your private loan consolidation.

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By Janice Tham

What do you wear with the latest looks on the Spring/Summer fashion collections?

Sheer dresses are in. As are bright colors. Floral prints and graphic prints. As in every Spring and Summer, color reigns. Styles go from demure in loose black or brightly colored silk dresses to bold corsets worn as dresses that barely cover much.

Clothes can be spa-like, simple cuts in neutrals. Totally unpretentious. Or you could wear a totally luxurious outfit fit for a princess. Literally. Skirt suits for work. Or white pant suits. Which do you prefer. There’s plenty of choice in this season’s offerings.

What goes with the myriad of color, sheer fabrics, drama and prints of the season?

What makeup do you wear with this season’s outfits?

Every year, Spring and Summer brings a certain lightness after a long dreary winter. That lightness is displayed in Spring and Summer dresses with ruffles and flowy dresses. Pastels, brights, florals and whites herald these warmer, brighter months.

Take the cue from this season’s shows. The models’ makeup are exactly what goes best with the outfit, though the looks may be a little too dramatic for the regular woman. Tone down the runway portrayal and you’ve got the perfect image for the season.

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Alexandra McQueen’s models were strong on the brow, with medium brights on the lips for a look that portrays strength. Eyebrows are very well defined and stand out to frame the face. No more overplucked brows. This season favours strong, well-groomed eyebrows.

Anna Sui’s models portrayed the bad girl image with smoky eyes setting the stage for seduction. Black eyeshadow, liner and lots of mascara give you that smoky eye look. Other designers go for softer versions of smoky eyes with the shadow in shades like taupe, but black mascara and liner is used generously for that sultry look.

Vera Wang’s models were naturally pretty, with nude makeup that always makes a come back every summer.

Chanel’s models were glamorous with bright red lipstick that would do a 1940’s movie starlet proud.

Here’s a rundown of the 4 main trends in beauty for Spring/Summer 2008.

1. Smoky Eyes – Seduction

Here, the focus is on the eyes. Heavily mascaraed eyes, with lots of liner and very dark, smokey eyeshadow brings all the attention to the eyes. That look is balanced with naturally rosy lips and pale cheeks to avoid looking tarty.

2. Strong Brows – Strength

In this case, brows are well-defined. Blondes would have dark blonde brows or brown brows while brunettes have black brows. Lips are a medium shade of red or pink or peach or bronze while cheeks are barely flushed.

3. Bright Red Lips – Glamorous

That’s the look of the 40’s movie starlet. Bright red lipstick, but toned down eyes and cheeks. The lips are painted scarlet, orange red or crimson while eyes aren’t obviously lined. Mascara too is light and the eyeshadow is in a natural shade like peach or sand or beige. Blusher, if any, is applied with a very light hand, in a shade that goes with the lipstick.

4. Barely There Makeup – Natural

That’s the classic nude makeup look popular every summer. Yes, you use liner, mascara, lipstick, blusher and eyeshadow but the choice of color makes the difference. Pick colors brownish pink shades for lips and cheeks, sand, or browns slightly darker than your natural skintone for your eyeshadow and brown mascara and liner for that naturally pretty look. You could go for sheer lipstick or lipgloss for that naturally pretty look. Go easy on the liner and blush though.

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By Maya Lindstrom

Are you willing to get a little update image of yours e or are you just interested in spoil yourself a little bit? If so, you may consider to think about heading down to your local beauty salon. Beauty salons are the most perfect place to have a new hair do or another beauty update.

Quite a large number of people are wondering on what type of procedures they should undergo, when it comes to visiting a beauty salon,. If you are one of those group of people then you might have to keep reading on. Even though, there are different services in different beauty salon, you may still find that many beauty salons offer similar ones or even provides exactly the same services. There are a few of the most popular beauty salon services that are outlined below and it could be the one that you are definitely want to have a look.

First thing tat pops into many people mind when thinking of beauty salons is having a hair cut. Almost all of beauty salons are offered the hair care services as their base service, which including shampooing, dying, highlighting, and trimming. “Up-dos” is one of the specialize in many beauty salons or other elegant hair style for special event like wedding or proms. No matter just get a haircut or and up-dos hair style that you are looking for, your local beauty salon should be able to offer you such assistance you needed.

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Another service that offered in many beauty salons is skincare. In term of skin care services, the most common service offered is tanning. Many od beauty salons have tanning bed for their customers to use. Moreover, there are a large number of beauty salons that are now starting to offer spray on tans instead of traditional tanning beds. The spray tanning is more likely to be more safe than using tanning beds. This service will help you to meet your requirement of turning tan for some special events like wedding, or vacation. Contact your local beauty salon if you want to get information about their tanning service.

Nail care is other service that normally offered at most beauty salons that you have interested in to learn more about. Since there are many women like to paint their nail, and some are like to leave their nail plain, get manicures and so forth then using these nail care service offered in the beauty salon should be a good option. If you want to have the professional care done for your nail. You should consider to make an appointment at one of your local beauty salons.

Tanning, hair care and nail care are a few option of many services that you might able to get at one of your local beauty salons. Besides, the traditional beauty salons, you may able to find a beauty salon spa around your living area. You might consider to stopping by your local beauty salon if there is one in your living area. Like traditional salon, beauty salons spas are offer spa treatments and have a spa-like setting and decorate. Normally, the beauty salon spa offered services such as massages, acupuncture, body wraps and so on.

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